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I am contemplating... - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
August 17th, 2003
12:11 am


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I am contemplating...
My personal "Worst Movie Award" now has another winner. To the list of Timestoppers and Tomb Raider 2, I am now adding Spy Kids 3D. Just saw it - beyond horrible. Yeah, the special effect is cool and all that, but the plot, oh my the plot.
When Stalonne came up as the Bad Guy, I could still handle. When I learned that the good guy is called "The Guy", I could take that. The movie started off as an ok child movie, but about three quarters through it has gone horribly wrong. Out of the blue, when the situation looked totally desperate, Frodo appeared. Surely, getting Mr. Woods to appear cost them more then the entire remaining budget. So Frodo came to save the day and thirty seconds later he got killed. Yay. After that the script writers must have realized that they won't be able to hide that they have been smoking while writing, so they smoked some more and wrote the rest. Pathetic is nowhere close to how bad the rest was. They emphasized the importance of the family, they reminded that "everyone is family" and they even talked the bad guy into giving up and self destructing his entire evil plan. And no one died. And the one touchy part was when the 12 year old special agent fell in love with a game character (an NPC, too) and was very upset when he learned that she won't be able to come to the real world with him. The computer girl even dropped a digital tear, suddenly rewrote her program and turned on the bad guys, saving the day (prior she was the evil traitor). From all that I know about child education - that was so bad, so bad, so bad.... Ewww... I almost cried - that's how bad it was.
On the side note, I have moved my computer and am now assembling the new computer. Hoping to start using it soon.

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