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Royal Princess Charlie’s Bodyguard - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
November 23rd, 2004
05:02 am


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Royal Princess Charlie’s Bodyguard
Very briefly, because I got to save up the energy for a Russian rant after this.

Last night: Princess Blade. Decent, yet overly unrealistic, fighting, bad plot, worse acting.
This morning: Kurosawa’s The Bodyguard. Very good. A samurai must see classic indeed. No excessive violence, great plot, great acting – five points.
This evening: Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle. A load of crap, as was expected. At least it was funny crap though. The movie is so stupid, it becomes hilarious. So it has a very high entertainment factor as a side to a pizza.
Just now: Battle Royal 2. Horrible. A lack of plot and logic, pathetic acting, unrealistic action. And the ending? They all join the Al Queda to fight for freedom? Or did they just dress up as Arabs for conspiracy? And worst of all – why does the main guy not only looks like a hobbit, but is also dressed as one?

Next up: Seven Samurai, Full Metal Yakuza

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