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Quotes of mine: - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
August 11th, 2003
10:56 pm


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Quotes of mine:
Sunday, La Burrita on the North Side, the TV is showing the Episode 4. My friend and I came there to eat and study finance. Two speakers: Me (M) and Not me (NM). Some dialogue.

NM: Sit facing your back to the TV, you need to study.
M: Blashemy! Blashemy! Blashemy! Not to watch Star Wars when they are showing it next to me? NOOOOO!!!!!!

M: Ohhh!!! R2D2, he is cool!
NM: Why? He looks like a vacuum cleaner!
M: Shut up! R2D2 is so sexy that if he were real, I'd become a robotphile and marry him!

M: Kenobi is going to die now.
NM: Yes, I know
M: There, Kenobi just died.
NM: Who is Kenobi?
M: You really do think that this finance crap is more important than intergalactic warfare?

*Having switched the topic to LotR*
NM: Which character do you most emphasize with?
M: Tom Bombadil.
NM: Who is he?
M: Yeah, as I thought. Try reading the book.

M: Well, they are all fighting Sauron...
NM: How do you spell Sauron?
M: S-A-U-R-O-N
NM: Oh, ok. And why is he such a kissass to that white dude with a similar name?

M: Don't you just love it how Luke and Solo secretly hate each other?
NM: How would you know? You missed half the movie and then I made you miss the other half!
M: Oh, thanks for reminding me! Now I don't know who Vader is.
NM: Vader? Is that the princess?

Oh... The people I hang out with...
P.S. Just in case this NM reads this: I know I exaggerated a bit, but it sounds better this way and noone knows who you are anyway.

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