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The long over weekend - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
August 11th, 2003
01:39 am


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The long over weekend
Saturday I went to the Westernmark Maddness event. I entered an archery competition and hit the bird once, recieving the lowest number of points that was above zero. Then I entered the watterballoon competition and last I checked was the first with the record of carrying 33 water balloons in bare hands. I also entered the competition where you had to transport 10 water balloons from one bucket into the other and back with a garden shovel. I had second place with 40 seconds. The equesterian competition I got a great score in walking with the pike, picking off rings. And hurt myself doing the one where you zigzag between poles, while backswinging at heads that are placed on the poles. One of my swings was too hard, and the sword went through the head and on and on and nearly ripped my arm out. Still hurts. Then I played and was rather good in this game where two people would balance themselves on two thingies and hold on to two ends of a rope. After that they would try to throw the other off balance by only pulling or slackening the rope. Then I came home and did some hard core DeCal prep work.
Sunday I got up at two and went to Cal to study for Finance. Came home at 1 am, did more DeCal work, talked to Nik and Emma and am now off to sleep. I also recieved some more bad DeCal news, but I will keep them secret for now, hoping that they will resolve themselves. Those involved already got plenty to worry about.

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Date:August 11th, 2003 02:08 am (UTC)
god natt deema-troll!

(in 30 years, there will be a de-cal about deema-trolls. I will draw you a picture for you to see what they look like.)
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