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Return of the Tzar - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
August 5th, 2003
06:48 pm


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Return of the Tzar
I have a file on my computer named: "Return of the King trailer". I think I am rather special to have it.
The trailer itself is really lame though. All it shows is Gandalf talking to Aragorn. Aragorn doesn't even say a word. Gandalf tell that Sauron is getting stronger, but the hope is still here because he doesn't expect us to be destroying the ring. And he doesn't know that his main weapon is moving closer to him everyday. He is afraid of you, Aragorn.
Lame indeed. If you really want it, suggest me a way and I will transfer it over. It is 20 megs.

Current Mood: not doing my homework
Current Music: ??? - Posmotri mne v glaza (russianrock.com)

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