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Bartending class over - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
July 31st, 2004
01:19 am


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Bartending class over
I am now a certified bartender. With one of the highest grades in my class. Today was my last day of the practice. I got to talk to the bar manager there - learned a lot of interesting stuff. He is a very good man, but I pity him for having to work in the bar. He used to be in the Belorussian SWAT division. He was the sniper in one of the five twelve-people most elite military teams of the Soviet Union. He served in the elite troops until 2000, when he moved to Moscow to make more money as a bartender. Don't you think it is fucked up that a bartender makes more than one of the sixty best soldiers in the CIS? Sad...

Just came home from the Krematorii concert. The concert was good, but the place - Schwein, really sucked. It had slow forgetfull waiters, even slower cooks and an angry bartender...

Tomorrow off to my dacha for a family celebration.

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