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A dream I had last night... - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
August 3rd, 2003
01:59 pm


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A dream I had last night...
The dream began (in my memory at least) with me running through some dark house with a feeling that someone is after me and some book in my hand. When I finally found the exit, I got to a dark yard where I was immediately attacked by a dog. I was wearing a huge green puffy jacket, so when the dog bit me in the arm, I didn't feel it. I managed to fight it of by yelling at it loudly. Then I started looking for an exit out of the yard. It was enclosed in a fence and in the direction of the gates I saw a bunch of people hanging out. Then I noticed that one section of the fence had the bars taken out, so I ran for that. Beyond the fence it was much lighter, but then I heard footsteps. I turned just in time to see that there was a girl right behind me with a knife in her hand. I knew that the girl was following me still in the house and she just caught up with me. The girl was dressed in Middle-Eastern style, she herself was white - I got a good look at her face: tall, dark haired white girl whom I've never seen. Her hand was raised for a strike and strike me she did. I managed to block the attack, then wrestle out her knife and stick in into her neck. I was hit with a fountain of blood as she fell down. I ran off, taking my bloody jacket off as I ran.

It continued with me being in an ice-skating place. It was a very richly furnished living room with hardwood floors covered with ice. The rink was filled with children of around 11 years old. Some of them I recognized to be little brothers and sisters of my friends from Russia. Around the ice were tables where older people sat. When I went up to one to talk to some kid nearby, some British guy (around 60 or so) asked me to get out of his way and let him out. In that moment my cell phone rang. I looked at the number. It was a long number that must have been from another country. The number started with 0469 and went on. I picked it up - it was Emma. I went outside to hear her better. The outside was a patio through two double doors. The patio was covered in ice and every once in a while a kid would skate out onto it and skate back in. Emma was very sad - she said that their archeological group found some ancient book that had some magical wish granting powers. She told that the book was stolen by an unknown person and a close friend of her was killed in the process. So I told her that it was I have the book, and that I killed her friend in an act of self defense. It was pitch black around, but then suddenly Emma appeared in front of me and it got lighter. I saw that the patio was actually a little pier in a lake. The water was low and there was no water under the pier - it started a few feet away. Emma was very pissed at me, saying all this bad stuff about me because of what I did. I tried to defend myself, but it was no use. Then there were plops in the water - fishes started jumping in the water. A flounder threw itself onto the ground out of the water. Emma said that she will save it. Then another and another flounder jumped out. Emma went down and started tossing fish into the water while only more kept jumping out. So it ended: me standing at the side, leaning over the railings, looking down; Emma down below picking up fish and tossing it into the water; flounders jumping out onto dry land and hopping around there, waiting for Emma.

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Current Music: Nochnye Snaipery (russianrock.com)

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Date:August 3rd, 2003 02:06 pm (UTC)
I am Emma the Fissssssh Toaster!!!! :)

Sorry I was mad at you. But it was a dream. If I would find a magical book, I'd wish you only have nice dreams from now on.
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Date:September 8th, 2005 05:17 am (UTC)
Interesting enough, upon reading this, I vividly remembered what the rink and the patio looked like. Hm...

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