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Two days - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
August 2nd, 2003
01:47 pm


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Two days
Went to an art show yesterday. It was interesting, I've never been to an art school before. And trust me, if you think that you've seen enough weird people in Berkeley, that isn't half of it. I am glad I went - I've been promising to go for the last three years, but, to my great regret, had to miss it up until now. I saw some interesting art, though my art education still suffers (at least to the artist's point of view - I think that my stick figure drawings are pretty enough).
Got home a little earlier than expected, spent some time with the family, worked on the computer. When all went to sleep, beat Bloodrayne demo on the hardest difficulty now. That game has nothing for me... I want the full one. (Though one friend told me that he will buy it if I don't stop bitching about it, so I am only increasing the volume). At midnight my parents said happy birthday and gave me a penguin hand puppet. It's very cool.
This morning got up at 6, took my friends out to breakfast, came half an hour late to a meeting with my presentation team. Talked with them, came back home, started prepping for the night. Not much happening tonight - only the family and one or two friends. Still, I need to get rid of the mess and stuff. All the people that I really do want to see for my birthday are really far away. Well, now all. In the morning I saw Mel for a couple of minutes - it was cool to see her. She seems very happy and her plane should have taken off 20 minutes back.
At home set a LAN of two computers, now I can play UT2003 on them. Not sure if I want to play it though. We'll see. I doubt that I will have a birthday the way I want anywhere in the visible future... But then, who knows?

Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: the fan (you have to hear it, it's THAT horrible)

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