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My social views on profanity - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
July 8th, 2004
11:22 pm


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My social views on profanity
I just saw a part of a TV show, where two Russian showmen argued about profanity in the mass media. On one side was Nikolai Petrov, some famous classical pianist and a protector of the country's virgin ears. On the other side was Barri Alibasov (producer of Na-Na), who is a big time pop producer and thinks that there is just as much profanity in the "great art" as there is in pop. The debate started out fair - Alibasov talked about classical orchestras cussing and doing drugs, Petov talked about pop starts saying bad things to the press. At that point I was pro-Petrov - I really do think that pop stars go overboard at times and that they (Kirkorov in particular) should pay for it. But then Petrov said that the mere existance of Tatu is profanity (!) and then he added that people like them the same way they would line up for a free strip show on Red Square, if such a thing existed. And then he said that there is nothing sadder than people liking Tatu and such. That's where he lost me as a supporter. I started calling the show to protect Tatu, but the line was busy. So I shut the TV off and went to write this. Because Petov by this time was talking about closing every sex shop in Russia and prohibiting showing any sexual contact from kissing up on public TV.
I think that the problem of all the profanity on TV is in the fact that the people "pro-" profanity support it in moderation, and only single subjects go overboard. While the people "con-" profanity know no limits and always end their arguments with propositions to abolish showing any skin, then to prohibit condoms and finally hinting on asexual reproduction and cancelling any kind of coed interaction. Stupids...
And the fact that their real-time phone voting system had Petrov winning 10,000 to 800 votes only proves that 90% of people watching that show are grannies who expressed their love only to the Soviet regime and who had the same amout of children as the amount of sexual contacts with a male.
And no, I do not fear to sound too extreme by posting this as a open post.

Two conclusions:
Yes, I support the recent law passed in the states that allows porn to kids under 18 as a protection of free speech.
No, I still think that Kirkorov is an ass and should get his ass kicked.

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