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Reading... - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
February 15th, 2004
02:54 am


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Just finished Redwall. Surprisingly good and satisfactory. While not too deep on subliminal messages and grander themes, it surely is a fine work of a classical knigtly romance tale. I will even put a little spoiler into this. In the likeness of classical hero-legends (Think Beowulf) we are told in the very beginning that the small clumsy mouse will become the greatest warrior ever and kick everyone's ass. It is how he dows it, that makes it good. One aspect that interested me most was the romance side of it. In the very start we see the lady of his dreams and by all means they are to marry in the end. Only that the mouse studies to be a monk, so a married life is not for him, as it is pointed out at the beggining. For the entire tale, their mutual feeling grow deeper - making the problem only worse. The tragical outcome that I have imagined was for the girl to die at the last moment. When she lived, and instead the mouse was kicked out of the Abbey to have a family, I cried of happiness. Anyway, great book, a very easy read and a highly recommendation who want some good easy reading.

And sure, I will support these people, just like I support all other freedoms.

Marriage is love.

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