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Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
June 25th, 2005
02:01 am


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Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
One of those films that made me go into denial for a day. And chances are, as I am thinking now, it was the cause for a little anxiety attack last night.
Sypathy for Mr. Vengeance is a Korean movie about revenge done by the same guy who did Oldboy. (Here is my reaction to Oldboy) Only this one is older - there is supposevely a trilogy of revenge movies, where Sympathy is first, Oldboy second and the third is about to come out. And since I've recently realised how actually excellent Oldboy was, I figured I'd watch Sympathy as well.
Now, now idea why do I decide to watch such movies in the mornings. I turned it on on Thursday morning. Well, I guess it was good that I watched it in broad daylight. It wasn't really gory (except for one moment in the end). But the violence was there...
The movie is supposed to show a guy whom you can only feel sorry for - he is deaf, his sister is dying and needs a kidney transplant and then he gets fired, looses all his life's savings and his kidney. So the fact that he decides to get even with all the parties could be understood. But the other parties feel wronged too, and revenge becomes a vicious circle which ends rather gruesomely.
If you liked Oldboy - watch this one. But find a version with good subtitles. Since the lead actor is deaf, there is a lot of writing in the film, and my version somehow didn't translate any of it. I actually had to read a plot summary after the film to understand what their problem was and why were they all killing each other.
Leave women and children at home. Don't be surprised if your hands start shaking soon after the film is over.


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