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Batman Begins - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
June 23rd, 2005
02:59 am


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Batman Begins
A very good film. Went to Yokohama after school and watched it on a large screen. Very much worth it! An excellent movie. Well, for a film based on a graphic novel.

The people've been saying that the movie is awfully dark and gloomy. Yes, it is dark, but not "awfully" so. It surely won't become the new goth role model, like Underworld did. It's just dark and gloomy enough to show the bats and the Scarecrow.

The sets are great, the actors are great and the gadgets rock. The gadgets even deserve a special sentense - it was fun to see a James Bond-like scene where he is looking over all the high-tech stuff that he is planning to use. The script is very good too, they manage to stick in some character development, so introduce the action line, the Wayne legacy line, the romance line and a few twists.

Overall - maybe not as beautiful as Sin City, but still very nice. Watches really nice and holds you in your seat for the whole film. Recommended to all!


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Date:June 22nd, 2005 08:10 pm (UTC)
I may even watch this one, heard it's even better than Batman )
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Date:June 23rd, 2005 06:02 am (UTC)
I don't remember the first one all that well, so I didn't compare. But you should watch this one regardless - it's very good.
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