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Star Wars - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
May 30th, 2005
01:03 am


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Star Wars
A great quote from the friday's showing of SW. One girl says during the beginning titles: "Who are the Jedi?" (Pronounced je-dee) :)

Overall - good film. Good action scenes, good plot, even good character developments. I am still slightly bothered by the Wu-Shu stands that Obi Wan does when he fights, but all else is good.

By now I have seen the film almost twice - I saw it Friday with the Russians. I saw it with a Russian dub, and with no red color at all. Think of this - everything red was greet; the last fight was not in red lava, but in green goo. Nice, eh? So I am rewatching it right now. And since the last fight is coming up, I will stop typing - I should watch this. I will type more when they start doing the "patch work".

Done. I wanted to type more while the doctors on screen did their thing, but I was out of battery. So here I am finishing this up. The people around are talking about the film, but their discussions really make no sense, so I won't listen. Actually, you know what? I will write more about this after July 9th, when the film will finally open in Japan and I will watch it with luxvesperis. Till then!


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Date:May 29th, 2005 04:11 pm (UTC)
Yes! You will! And appropriately enough, I am currently listening to the soundtrack! Wheee!

I can't wait!

I swear I will clean my apartment by the time you get here. If I haven't had a mental breakdown from the stress, but that most likely won't happen *knocks on wood* And I will see if I can borrow a futon from someone so my floor isn't too hard. (^_^)
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Date:May 29th, 2005 05:14 pm (UTC)
:) We will! I wait.
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