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Wow... - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
September 1st, 2003
02:51 pm


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An incredibly fine day yesterday! While it started out mellow - the third part of PotC won't download,it was brightened by talking to Emma. But then it got much much better.
*I had to take a short break to carry some bricks for my dad and to write a page on US democracy for a person I know*
As I was sitting at home watching Courage the Cowardly Dog she called me and asked me to help her move. That's where the fun began. First I got to demonstrate how I can fit a whole twin size bed (with a matress, wooden matress thing and the metal frame), three midsize furniture thingies, a bunch of small stuff, a box of books, two swords, a lot of groceries and a chair into my car. Then we had a lot of fine driving to Berkeley like that. I had to stick my head out of the window because the bed was where my head should have been. She had even more fun being compressed by a chair. Then we had a lot of fun taking that all into the attick where she lives - the bed frams didn't fit into the stairs turn, so her floormate stuck it out of the window on the highest floor, while I caught it off the roof and hoisted it onto the roof. Then she had a table that was peacefully standing in the corner. Once we moved it, the poor thing fell apart. I tried putting it back together again, but once I brought any two parts together, another two parts came apart and a sharp nail came sticking out. I somehow banged the thing together and it somewhat holds now. Then we seached for an open Starbucks (unsuccessfully), went to the Indian rock for a bit, crushed an SCA party where I got to see a really sweet room of my friend Jeff the swashbuckling pirate, and then we went to my house, shot until all my guns went empty (gotta go load them now) and watched 3/4 of the Russian Funky Translation of the Fellowship of the Ring. So it was a really really great night. We left the house about twenty minutes before my parents got home and I am very happy about how everything went. Now I need to come up with something fun for tonight as well. I am siriusly considering calling up the Woolsey Angels (a compromise name I just came up with) and offering a game of the LotR game. Afterall, if we do play it enough tonight, I will buy the Sauron Extention for Friday. So yeah, I will do that now. Woo hoo!

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Date:September 1st, 2003 05:16 pm (UTC)
be mindful of your heart, young padawan.

they are gone. the academy. I am the last jedi - and I am not even a jedi. I'm so incedibly sad.
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