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Gattaca - Меня зовут Тролль, Диматролль
May 17th, 2005
01:39 am


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Для наших - "Электроник" наоборот. Или "Принц и нищий" в будующем.

One more day, one more movie out of the way. Today the film was GATTACA. I watched it because we had a discussion about genetic modifications in class a week ago, and the film was mentioned multiple times. Besides, one of my housemates went as far as to say that the film had changed his life. Well, I can't see why. The film was nothing special. The story is rather simple - in the age when parents order all the features of their future kids, your fate is totally determined by your genes. And one man, who just happened to be a "God child", i.e. not genetically modified, decides to prove that he is better than that and with some fraud and some workouts starts making his way up the career ladder towards his child dream of being an austronaut. The theme of the film is the "genism" - descrimination based on genes. If your genes say that you have a ten percent chance of a heart failure, no one will hire you, because you are too much of a risk. Woo-freaking-hoo.

The film would have been the same if it was about a minority kid who used his brains to get somewhere in life. The only thing that Gattaca proved was that if a man whose genes said that he won't get anywhere, and then he gets somewhere, then maybe the software that does the gene analysys needs some updating, because it clearly gives out wrong conclusions.

Another movie about an utopian society that failed only because it was designed by very short-sighted people. If you like the idea, read "Brave New World" instead.

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